From DekDrain, this A15 Plastic Channel Drainage is quick to install and user-friendly. The BS EN 1433 certified A15 loading class makes it versatile across a wide array of light vehicular traffic and pedestrian applications, including pedestrian areas, gardens, driveways, and building patios.

The channel body of this drainage is made from high-quality polypropylene, while the grating is galvanised steel. This equips it with a satisfying and sleek appearance and a structure that performs fantastically, seamlessly catching water with 100% efficiency.

Features & Benefits: A15 Channel Drainage Domestic with Galvanised Grate 1m – Dek Drain

  • Click grating for no screw assembly
  • Lightweight to make for easy handling
  • Quality polypropylene structure with strength and resistance to damage
  • Includes a ribbed structure to optimise bonding to concrete
  • Super flow rate with anti-silt performance
  • A15 load class for pedestrian and light vehicular applications

With the innovatively designed Disruptaflow Linear Bar Grating, you can expect your channel drain to allow water capture from either side with ease due to the six linear bar profile. This works to obstruct the flow of water and prevent it from travelling across and over the grate. In turn, optimal amounts of water find their way into the drain.

Due to the push-fit, clip-in bottom outlet for seamless assembly, this channel drain connects to a 110mm plastic pipe with an outlet junction on both ends of the channel. Cost-effective but high in quality, this A15 Plastic Channel Drainage from DekDrain is suited to use and installation by professional tradesmen and DIYers alike.

Standards & Certification

  • A15 load class certified to BS EN 1433


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