Ideal for plumbing, garage or workshop tasks, the Marksman O-Ring Assortment includes 12 different sizes.

12 Assorted Sizes
Compartmentalised Box

With the most popular sizes, these high-quality rubber rings are suitable for hydraulics, air and gas.

19.1 x 25.4mm x3
19.1 x 23.8mm x3
20.6 x 27mm x3
17.5 x 22.2mm x3
15.9 x 19.1mm x5
15.9 x 20.6mm x3
11.1 x 15.9mm x3
12.7 x 17.5mm x3
14.3 x 19.1mm x3
9.5 x 12.7mm x8
9.5 x 14.3mm x5
6.4 x 9.5mm x8


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