Blue Toilet Cleaner is a premium concentrated and pleasantly perfumed liquid specially developed for the waste tank of chemical toilets in the camping, caravanning and boating leisure industry.

What the Product Does:

Experience cleanliness and freshness with Blue Toilet Cleaner, a powerful and efficient solution designed for chemical toilets. This concentrated formula not only cleans and deodorises but also leaves your toilet with a vibrant blue colour, ensuring a hygienic and pleasant restroom experience.

How It Works:

Blue Toilet Fluid combines powerful waste breakdown agents with odour-neutralising technology and a blue colouring component:

  • Waste Breakdown: Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the waste tank, reducing solids and facilitating easier disposal.
  • Odour Control: Neutralises unpleasant odours, leaving a fresh and clean fragrance.
  • Blue Colouring: Adds a vibrant blue tint to the waste tank, providing a visual indicator of cleanliness.

How to Use the Product:

  • Add 200-300ml of product to your waste tank. Follow this with 1 Litre of water to activate the solution.
  • Use before or during travel to ensure continuous waste breakdown and odour control.
  • Enjoy a hygienic and visually monitored waste tank for 3-4 days.


Blue Toilet Cleaner is suitable for use in portable toilets, caravan & motorhome waste tanks, boat sanitation systems, and other mobile facilities. It is the ideal solution for those seeking effective waste management combined with visual cleanliness monitoring.

Additional Benefits:

  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Leaves a subtle and pleasant scent in the waste tank area.
  • Blue Indicator: The vibrant blue colour serves as a visual indicator of cleanliness and helps monitor waste levels.
  • Easy Disposal: Promotes the breakdown of waste, facilitating easier and more environmentally friendly disposal.

Unique Selling Point:

Blue Toilet Cleaner stands out by offering a comprehensive solution for waste breakdown, odour control, and visual cleanliness monitoring. Elevate your mobile restroom experience with Flow – where cleanliness meets efficiency for a worry-free journey.


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