Pink Toilet Rinse is a premium concentrated formula developed for the clean water tank and fresh water flush system of chemical toilets in the camping, caravanning and boating leisure industry.

What the product does

Pink Toilet Rinse is a premium concentrated specially formulated solution that not only efficiently flushes waste but also imparts a delightful pink hue to the toilet water. This concentrated rinse ensures a clean, fresh scented, and visually appealing toilet environment.

How it works

  • Efficient Rinsing: It coats your toilet with a protective layer to aid flushing and waste breakdown for optimal toilet hygiene.
  • Odour Control: Our pure essential fragrance oils neutralises unpleasant odours, leaving a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.
  • Pink Colouring: Adds a charming pink colour to the toilet water, enhancing the overall cleanliness perception.

How to use the product

  • Add 200-300ml of product to your flush tank for every 1 Litre of water to create your flush solution. If you require a stronger fragrance, simply increase the ratio of product to water.
  • Flush the toilet to allow the rinse to circulate and cover the bowl evenly.
  • Enjoy a clean and visually appealing restroom with a touch of refreshing pink.


Pink Toilet Rinse is suitable for use in chemical toilets, caravan & motorhome toilets, and portable toilets. It is the ideal solution for individuals seeking both effective waste management and an aesthetically pleasing toilet experience.

Additional benefits

  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Leaves a subtle and pleasant scent in the toilet area.
  • Pink Indicator: The charming pink colour serves as a visual indicator of cleanliness and adds a touch of style to the toilet.
  • Portable Convenience: Perfect for use in camping, boating, caravans & motorhomes, and other mobile settings.

Unique selling point

Pink Toilet Cleaner is completely non-hazardous and formaldehyde free making it a very friendly, yet powerful effective formula. This non staining formula is biodegradable and contains premium UK sourced raw materials. Elevate your toilet maintenance on the go with Flow – where cleanliness meets style for a refreshing and delightful toilet experience on the go.


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