Top and Bottom Toilet Fluid is a premium concentrated and pleasantly perfumed liquid specially developed to be used in both the waste tank and flush tank of chemical toilets in the camping, caravanning and boating leisure industry.

What the product does

Introducing Top and Bottom Eco Toilet Fluid, the eco-friendly solution for maintaining a fresh and clean toilet system in your caravan or portable toilet. This specialised fluid not only ensures effective waste breakdown but also leaves your toilet smelling pleasantly fresh, all while prioritising environmental sustainability.

How it works

Our formaldehyde free formula goes in your toilet flush tank and waste tank to remove and break down waste efficiently and reduce odours. The eco-conscious formula is designed to be kind to the environment while effectively treating both the top and bottom sections of your toilet waste system, ensuring optimal performance.

How to use the product

  • Waste Tank – Add 200-300ml of product to your waste tank. Follow this with 1 Litre of water to activate the solution. Use every 3-4 days to keep foul odours at bay and ensure all waste is broken down.
  • Flush Tank – Add 200-300ml of product to your flush tank for every 1 Litre of water to create your flush solution. If you require a stronger fragrance, simply increase the ratio of product to water.


Top and Bottom Eco Toilet Fluid is suitable for use in all types of portable toilets, caravan toilets, and motorhome toilet systems. Its eco-conscious formulation makes it the perfect choice for environmentally aware travellers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Additional benefits

  • Biodegradable Formula: Environmentally friendly and safe for disposal in septic systems.
  • Odour Neutralisation: Effectively reduces unpleasant odours for a more enjoyable toilet experience.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Provides lasting waste breakdown and odour control for extended use.

Unique selling point

Top and Bottom Eco Toilet Fluid stands out as the eco-conscious choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and environmentally friendly solution. Its advanced microbial technology and commitment to sustainability make it the perfect companion for those who prioritise both performance and green living. Elevate your outdoor toilet experience with Flow – where nature and cleanliness coexist for a greener journey.


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